Перевод песни 7 Shots Of Wisdom – Hindi Mo Ba Alam

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Ohh. yeahh.
Di mo ba alam
Lagi ko naman
Aaminin ko pa ba sa’yo
Na ikaw ang gusto ko Oh oh
Stanza 1
Baby i, wanna let you
This feeling inside i can’t control
Baby i just want to know
If this feeling for me is what you
Cause you’re the joy in my life
And boy you’re my type
When we’re together, everything is Alright
Repeat chorus
You are my sunshine, my star
You brighten my day, and light up my Heart
The way you hold me makes me smile
You got me going so crazy and why
Cause you’re the joy in my Life
And boy you’re my type
When we’re together, everything is alright
Repeat chorus
Stanza 1
Girl you’re like the sunshine
Cause you brighten my day and lift me up When the skies
Are gray
I knew right away from the moment we First met, you’re first text message smiley face
And the words
Hey wassup boy, nice to meet you
Huh, and i replied, like wise can i see you?
If it’s all
Good cause i ain’t trying to rush
The first thing we need is trust
Adjust what you decide and take steps
Won’t you come see me tonight like mae west
Just say yes and i’ll behave my best
Pkso and rocky rock the
Name’s so fresh