Перевод песни Lindisfarne – Goodbye

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‘Oh, make me laugh' - said the king to the wizened court funny man
‘Oh, Jester, please, play the fool, I'm feeling low-down'
‘Do it all, give me rest' - said the heaving white sovereign
Crystal tracks disappear converting his frown
It's in the way you say (goodbye, goodbye)
Savour our parting 'til I see you next time
I won't do one thing alone
Make me laugh, freeze my tears with tales now of yesterday
Taking off all alone, I'm losing my cares
It's in the way you say (good time, good time, so kind, so kind)
Still at our parting, will I see you next time?
I can't do one thing alone
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)