Перевод песни Engelbert Humperdinck – Can't You See

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Can't you see what I am thinking
Can't you read what's on my mind
No, it's not just a voice of inspiration
but the future of the world and it's salvation
Is there nothing I can say or do
to make you realize my view
everything I say to you is always true
Can't you see what I am thinking
Can't you read what's in the stars.
No, it's not too late to change your way of living
for the heart of this big world can be forgiving
What I'm really trying to say to you everybody to yourself be true.
Let the miracle of the life come shining through
Let's cast away the shadows and the sorrows
start today and change all our tomorrows wipe the tears of yesterday
glad the stars show you the way forevermore
Can't you see, our God's creation
Stand up tall, and face the world
Take the breath that builds the trees and makes them shiver.
Take the waters from the streams and mighty rivers
climb the mountains 'till you reach the sky and grasp the clouds as they pass by
don't let this precious life, just slip away
The stories in the stars are true, oh Lord, what must we do?