Перевод песни Alan Hull – Drinking Song

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A rich man drinks only whiskey, a poor man drinks only wine
A middle class man drinks when he can
But a wise man drinks all of the time
And a rich lady drinks only sherry at her bridge parties every night
The players are drunk but remain polite
They don’t care who’s won 'cause they’re all too tight
And there’s really no other way
And the magistrate is drinking his lunch when the thief has been found guilty
and fined
And the congregation is leaving church
When the vicar is pissed on the sacramental wine
'Cause there’s really no other way
So if you ever stop to think why this world’s so insecure
It’s all because some politicians
Or smoke marijuana in public places
But most of all it’s because they take a drink
Because, there’s really no other way
There’s really no other way