Перевод песни Smokie Norful – In Time

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Listen my brother, my sister, don’t give up
It’s gonna work out, I promise — in time
Though it seems like life is over and your tragedy has no end
Don’t count yourself out of the game, no not yet
Pull it back together and drive right back in
It will work out, in time
Whatever you’ve been going through, you’re not by yourself
As crazy as it may seem, it happened to somebody else
What I found out is that if you hold on till the sun rises
It will work out in time
In time, your trouble will be over
In time, your heartache will be mended
In time oh yeah, it will work out in time
So the enemy is trying to convince you that you habit can’t be beat
There’s no need to lay down and give up in defeat
Put that bad experience behind you
Hold on and know that it will work out in time
I know you’ve been abused and someone took advantage of you
But know that God will replace your scars like only He can do
Don’t walk around in your guilt and your shame
Call on His name
It will work out in time
In time, yes my brother your trouble will be over
In time, oh no my sister your heartache is gonna be mended
In time oh yeah — It will work out in time
In time — I know your troubles are gonna disappear
God is always standing near
In time I know it’s gonna work out (it will yeah)
It will work out in time
Hold on my brother, my sister — hold on
It’s gonna work out for the good of them that love Him
He promises in His word that
It will work out in time
Point to yourself and say it like you mean it this time
It will work out in time