Перевод песни Guillemots – Redwings

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This is where we fall from the trees
This is where the sky covers up Daft killers of joy, you made a man out of me And this is where the glass leaves the lens
Splintering a chemistry of friends
I’ll treasure you always
You know I love you
And this is where we wake in the ditch
This is where our bodies sing no more
Fallen apples on the floor, pecked at by redwings
So pour another whisky out for me It’ll be the last bottle we share
As I drift into nowhere
Know that I loved you
But love was not enough to hold my grip
Can’t you just feel my fingers slip
Into those oceans in the sky where people swim
Oceans in the sky calling me in Oceans in the sky I tell myself
Though I’m not kidding anybody else
They know I’m leaving
They know that I’m leaving this behind
So I’m leaving my best friend
Just for the hell of it Just for the sake of it But how much I loved you