Перевод песни C-Murder – They Don't Really Know You (Feat. Erica Fox)

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Yo C, that's where your boo stay at?
Oh they ballin' like that huh?
What they think about you fool?
Boy they don't really know you, like I really know you
I don't care what they say
Boy they don't really know you, like I really know you
I don't care what they say
I'm down with you, 'til the end boy
When the strugglin', hustlin', thuggin', lovin'
So I ain't trippin' on what they sayin'
About you, cause I got you, even if your creepin'
It's like one plus one, equals me and you, boo
I know you forever TRU by the things you do Not only would you ride, die, and cry for me You'll even take my charge, kiss your baby bye for me Now that's love, that unconditinal kind
If we broke up, or you throw up, you might lose your mind
You catch me red-handed, with my hands on the goods
But you let me slide cause you know I'm straight out the hood
You say it's because of all the little things I do If minds only knew the real things we been through
But most of all I like the way you be scratching my back
And grabbin' my pillows and pulling the sheets, when you're lovin' me Now you gonna ride with me wodie when times get hard
Now if my luck change, then we both live large
Take care of the kids, cause I'll be home in a week
And that diamond bezzle you wanted, it's under the tree
Six carots, two minks, I'll be bringing with me Them ?? get out cause I'm ready to flee
See I like a thug girl that's gonna keep it real
And when the cops pull us over, she's gonna hide that steel
And my boonapalist post bail when a soldier be down
And she even hit a lick, just to keep me 'round
My little boo don't even trip when they be wanting her man
Cause when she go shopping, is it you and a friend
Tattooed my name on her back cause she loved a thug
And before we go hustlin', it be kisses and hugs
And don't mess with no scrub, cause she love that bud
And there ain't no limit to this ghetto love, ya heard me?