Перевод песни The Stranglers – Tits

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She's got 36−24−36 hips...
That was the size of her tits
Well, this is sort of a request show
Just imagine you are listening to Jimmy Young on Radio 1 with his recipes
OK, so like, first I am gonna tell you who is up here
The truth will be told for once and for all
And then we want you to tell us what to play, we'll try and play it, alright?
But I tell you now, we don't know «My Old Man's a Dustman», so don't shout for
OK, on the backdrop we've got Jet Black, he is very good in a quick roll of the
No drug references of course meant in that
OK Jet, take it away
Yeah, what do you think of that, then? Pretty symbolic, eh?
On the far right we got a demon of the keyboards
On a massive swelling organ, Dave Greenfield
The only man who can ride a ride cross-through on a keyboard!
Great, that was absolutely amazing Dave! You put Rick Wakeman in a shade there!
On the far left we got a demon of the se (a)men and I don't mean that as a
nautical term
Jean-Jacques Burnel on the bloody bass!
Ah, that was amazing, it's taken him all day to learn that bass solo!
And I'm gonna try and give you a little bit of a psychedelic lead guitar just
like, you know, just like John McLaughlin and Paul McCartney and all those
creeps do...
OK, you ready? One, two, one two, three four five six
She's got 36−24−36 hips...
That was the size of her tits
Now you know why no-one came to see us two years ago...