Перевод песни The Shadows – The Girls

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you're watching shadows evolve, making them lose all control
so we just let them pretend to make those others forget
it takes enough of your needs, to then develop the greed
instead we've chosen to fall cause no-one gets it al all
it's coming on.
you try to keep up the pace, something's been lost in the chase
too many options to choose, still every time it's abused
they're flying over ahead, as they begin to descend
so tell me how does it feel? did it seem all too surreal?
it's coming on.
i've seen those shadows evolve, familiar thoughts fill your soul
are we replaying once more, or has this happened before?
without no reason at all, still we continue to crawl
it's like when push comes to shove you're better off without love
it's coming on.