Перевод песни Brinsley Schwarz – Happy Doing What We're Doing

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Happy doing what we're doing
Happy doing it right
Keep on doing what we're doing
So long as the feeling is right
Well, I was scumbag bound for a couple a days
Talked to a friend of mine
He said, I've got to do the thing I do do best before I lose my mind
I said man I ain't no guru
Who am I to say what's right or wrong?
But it might help to shed a little light on the matter if we sing this song
Well, a man he came along and told us it was wrong
To think like the way we are
We all found it funny when he told us 'bout the money
And somethin' 'bout a rock and roll star
Yeah, well I said to him, «you can't understand, and we don't even care if you
'Cus we got it tight, and we're rockin' here tonight
And we're hopin' that it's rockin' for you
Well, her daddy got a fright at the letter she left
It cut her momma to the bone
So, they loaded themselves up on an express train
To bring the little girl back home
They finally ran into ground at a bar downtown
It was much worse than they feared
For she was up on the stand with a four piece band
And this is what they hear