Перевод песни Richard Thompson – Backlash Love Affair

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An iron maiden stole my heart away-o black day
Her siren songs seemed to call to me-o destiny
She spat her thrash metal lyrics right into my mind
The stage thundered and the
Smoke bombs made me blind
She sang, Hello, Liebchen, wollen Sie ein Jig-a-jig, nein?
She says, left, right, right, left
Come on Joe, don’t be slow
Up, down, down, up
Come on Joe, time to go
In, out, out, in
Do it if you love me Joe
I know it’s art for art’s sake
But how much more can I take
What’s my share of this backlash love affair
Her hair extensions down to her knees-what a tease
She got tattoos everywhere you look-she's a comic book
Why she goes for my type I’ll never understand
She’s so demure when we promenade hand in hand
And when we get back home she
Let’s me know she’s in command
Those iron maidens, cool as a marble slab
They wrap aroound you and the cold knives cut and stab
I can’t live my life as someone else’s shishkebab