Перевод песни The Grapes Of Wrath – Blind

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I thought the time had come for me to find myself
And take what I could take
You thought you'd found yourself a dream that wouldn't end
The moment you awake
I don't want any strings, you'd say to me Again and again, somehow I still believed
That even while I was reading you between the lines
I could see me running blind
I spent too many of my days too far away
And felt the toll it takes
And all you learned, how much you're capable of pain
And who's the first it breaks
I've had too many strings, you'd say to me It hurts too much to break them when the feelings leave
Much as I thought I'd met the problem eye to eye
I could see me running blind
I guess where you're from, dreams have little mystery
They make them every day
It seems a whole lot simpler than reality
And starts to feel the same