Перевод песни Nina Simone – He Ain't Comin' Home No More

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Oh stairs … you look so high tonight
CLIMBIN' UP with all my might
Where I got no heart to be
'Cause he ain’t comin' home no more.
Oh room … I’m all alone with you
Tell me what’s a women to do When her man is gone
And he ain’t comin' home no more.
I’m all choked up … inside me Try’na hold back my tears
You know … I just can’t GET USED
I just can’t USED TO this loneliness
How AM I gonna face the empty years.
Oh chair … Oh chair
You sittin' silent there
Don’t you even care
That my baby’s gone … yea, yea
And he ain’t comin' home no more
Yes … for my baby’s gone
And he ain’t comin' home no more