Перевод песни Gerry & The Pacemakers – La La La

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Now I’m gonna try and find a girl
Who will make me feel so good
And when I do, I’ll sing this song
And I know I’ll love her like I should
I’ll sing:
La la la…
Whenever I am lonely, girl
And I got no place to go
I don’t sit around and mope all day
I get up and here’s what I say
I say:
La la la…
You get no fun out of hangin' around
Or moanin' every day and night
It’s so much better if you take it off
You cannot sit and fuss and fight
Well let me hear you now:
La la la…
If you got your troubles just like all the other guys
Don’t be a jerk like them, my friend
Just shout this and your mouse and hide
Let’s shout:
La la la…