Перевод песни Martha and the Muffins – Terminal Twilight

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There’s a telephone ringing in an empty room
And car brakes squealing
Distant traffic, constant sighing
Far-off voices mumbling
Vah-vah-vah jet plane droning
Dogs barking \\ kitchens moaning
Dishes rattling in a sink
A screen door slams
Someone’s laughing
Grass is being softly trembled
Heavy object dragged on gravel
Children screaming
My own heart beating
Fighting down the panic, panic, panic!
Shapeless silhouettes slipping \\ Just out of sight
Car headlights screaming \\ Inescapable light
Telephone voice droning \\ The words can’t be right
You were warm, even breathing \\ This Sunday last night
Lying formless faces \\ Turning away
Deaf lips fall silent \\ No words to say
If only they’d leave me \\ Perhaps you might stay
In my windowless room \\ Night turns to day
There’s a crack in my walls
And it looks just like you
Sometimes my sheets are the hills of Arabia
But someone always pulls them down again
Now I think I can hear you \\ An inaudible sigh
In the mirror I see you’re \\ Inbetweening by
And I reach out to touch you \\ This must be a lie
I call out your name \\ But there is no reply