Перевод песни David Pack – Where We Started From

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There’s a hole in my soul
Thinkin bout my past
And I need some time for healin'
Like a waterfall of tears
That I cried for all the years
Somewhere we lost the feelin'
And I want to hold you, hold you
Maybe just for one more night
'Cause if we hold on tight
Before the darkness comes
We just might get back
To where we started from
We see this love
For what it might become
We just might get back
To where we started from
Where we started from,
Back to where we started from
There’s a lonely road we crossed
Where the love we had was lost
Someday we’re gonna find it
We don’t know what lies in store
But I don’t there’s so much more
And girl we’ll get behind it
And I don’t care how miles we’ve travelled
Or how many dreams have died
All that stands between us now
Is just our foolish pride