Перевод песни Anne Clark – Lover's Audition

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
They'll kiss you quick
And squeeze you slowly
Fall asleep
Then get up and go Thanx very much
I'll see you sometime
Oh — you say
Ah — the pleasure's all mine!
Fire, Earth, Air and Water
We all line up Like cattle
To the slaughter
Give me love
Give me affection
Hetresexual, homosexual
An endless selection
Cats scream out
In the middle of the night
And you'll scream out
As they scratch and they bite
The night converges
Into the day
You get up And force the tears away
He was your reason for living
So you once said
Now your reason for living
Has left you feeling half dead
Some recall lovers
By visits to the clinic
Those without time
For deep thinkers or cynics
Others want their lovers
Locked in a jar
While some perform better
In the back of a car
Roll up! Roll up!
Who will be The next to promise
Love to me