Перевод песни Rev Run – Mind On The Road

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I got my mind up in Boston, crossin back from Austin
50 more tossed in, callin so often
Gone from the alley, Cali to the valley
Bronx to the Bowery, flyin out to Maui
Up and down the highway, Monday to Friday
Sat’day to Sunday, everyday fly day
Fly from a city to a town and I’m gone
Always on the road cause my record’s full blown
Livin out my bag but I’m never missin home
Poppa was a rocker and I’m like a rolling stone
Got another call — yo, it’s time for the show
Got my mind on the road and yo it’s time to go!
It’s time for the show; got my mind on the road
Yo, got my mind on the road and yo it’s time to go!
Life like I’m dazin, days after Days Inn
Comin from a place that ain’t just amazin
Off to the right and bright light tonight
Take a flight, show’s tight, so hype and AIGHT!
It’s been like I’m dreamin, people just screamin
A rhyme that I wrote that was dope they was fiendin
Lines around the co’ner, TV’s and phoners
Covers of your favorite magazine was a bonus
Road was just callin, flows was just fallin
Recprd after record after rhyme I was bowlin
Gotta get the show cause Joe is on the flow
I got my mind on the road and yo it’s time to go!
Got a flight for tonight and I’m ready to roll
All my homies checkin fo' me and I’m ready to GO!
All the people wanna see me cause I’m killin the SHOW!
All the rockers wanna be cause I’m gettin the DOUGH!
Now Rev’s hall of fame and left as I came in
Gotta go again cause fans want my game in
Top priority, Rev’s seniority
Goin on the road cause it’s my priority — OHH!