Перевод песни Mike + The Mechanics – Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I met a man back in the future
He was high then he was low
You know his one consideration
Should he come or should he go
I met a girl she wants to give me
The gift of living just for today
Ignore the past ignore the future
You’re only going to wish your life away — say
Why can’t today be tomorrow
Why must there be yesterday
Why can’t today be tomorrow
Oh tell me why please tell me why
Are you wishing your life away?
You know that life is no rehearsal
You’re never going to get it right
It’s inconsistent and it’s imperfect
It’s going to give you sleepless nights
And then you find you wake up nervous
For every reason under the sun
Life is full of indecision
It’s the same for everyone — say
Why can’t today be tomorrow
Why must there be yesterday — so tell me
Why can’t today be tomorrow — oh tell me
Why can’t today be tomorrow
Are you wishing you’re life away
Why can’t today be tomorrow?