Перевод песни Lenny Kravitz – All I Ever Wanted

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Baby can’t keep on running
All I want you to do is to feel with me yeah
We both are hurting
And It’s going to take a little time
To heal all the wounds and save our family
All I ever wanted, all I ever needed
All I ever wanted was love
Remember kissing in the moonlight?
How we held each other all night
All I ever wanted was love
Darling darling darling
Don’t you want to feel good inside?
It seems I’ve forgotten how it feels to be
Look up to the stars
And ask the heavens
To show you the truth
So that you can be free, you know
Tell me what’s the answer?
It’s gotten so cloudy I just can’t see, oh
But you got your life and I got mine
Are we even?
When I know I want you
And baby you want me, ooohhh ahoh