Перевод песни Lenny Kravitz – Flower Child

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Dressed in purple velvets
With a flower in her hair
Feel her gentle spirit
As the champa fills the air
She wears rubys on her fingers
Tiny bells upon her toes
She’s the finest thing
I’ve ever seen
Love that ring inside her nose
Flower child yeah, flower child
Flower child oh yeah
She’s a psychedelic princess
On a magic carpet ride
And where her trip will carry you
Is somewhere you can’t find
She’s on a plane of higher consciousness
Meditation is the key
She’s got her shit together
Because her soul and mind are free
Flower child, free yeah yeah yeah yeah
Flower child that is
Flower child, oh yeah
Flower child yeah
My little flower child
Flower child yeah
She’s a child of Martin Luther
As a freedom fighter she
Speaks of liberation on the land
And on the sea
Her eyes are made of sunshine
And her lips are jelly sweet
You going to free me
You going to free me
You going to free free free free free yeah