Перевод песни Tim Finn – Water Into Wine

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I'm stood here on the platform
Got a ticket in my fist
And I'm staring at the flowers
On your pretty printed dress
Now you say your brothers waiting
In the Escort '85
And it's better if we leave it Just for a little while
Kathy you can play the field
Just tell me we ain't over yet
'Cause Kathy I got money coming
From a guy that Billy met
Kathy don't go Billy's planning for my future
Says I can help him do some banks
And if I prove I ain't no loser
Kathy say you'll have me back
Maybe I could clear a grand
If I drive this stuff across the line
And Billy swears there ain't no danger
It's just like water into wine
Now your brother's getting edgy
He keeps blowing in his horn
He says I'm lying like the last time
And I'm never going to learn
But Kathy you and I don't care
We can last a thousand years
'Cause we got got gold dust on our skin
And diamonds in our tears