Перевод песни Tim Finn – Timmy

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I know what your brother thinks
Your brother thinks I'm mad
But the whole worlds a little crazy
And Timmy's just a little bit bad
Your Daddy say you stay at home
All of Saturday night
So we break out through the kitchen door
And Timmy turns up all the lights
'Cause I want to go there, and I want the sound
Sweet Cecilia, sweet sweet Cecilia, all the way down
Way behind the fish bar
About 11 o'clock
Timmy wear his pointed shoes on And his bright yellow socks
There's sweat all down the disco halls
The lager it tastes flat
Timmy down on the lino dance floor
He don't worry 'bout that
Walking by the riverside
Watch the yellow sun rise
Cecilia down in the damp green grass
She making love with her eyes
'Cause I want to go there (We are the tribe)
And I want the sound (From the simple streets)
No difference no power Just music and heat