Перевод песни Thelonious Monk – Thelonious

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Stayin' true to the game 'cause I ain't no punk
Never been a bitch so I don't act bitchy
Smoove on the bottle like Lionel Ritchie
If I seems too slick you better ring the alarm clock
Don't dig what I'm kicking? You can suck on a warm cock
Originate trends. My rhymes they get paid
So making ends and beginnings. See, I'm never afraid
Of a pancake MC 'cause I'm flip when I sways this
Out the motherfuckers like a real estate agent.
Douse you with my lyrical liquid for this hip-hop era
So I suggest you fetch an umbrella for my reign of terror
'Cause you can get yer posse and yer armored brigade because I am not
Oh, 'cause I'm the type of nigga that you never forget
And I'm the type of nigga that can shake my shit
'Cause I'm the type of nigga with n