Перевод песни Sammy Hagar – Love Or Money

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I may be crazy, but I ain't no fool
I live my life by the golden rule
That money can't buy everything it's true
Yeah, but what it won't buy, I can't use
I want love (love or money) I want money
Gimme love (love or money) or gimme money
My baby loved me when I was down
Yeah, but now I'm up, and she's still around
And she's got a sports car, credit cards, her clothes are the best
We're still alive, I wouldn't put it to the test no, no She wants love (love or money) and a whole lotta money
A whole lotta love (love or money) and a whole lotta money
Gimme love or money, gimme love or money
She said, «Money honey.»
That's what I want, is a whole lotta money
Over here!
My baby says her love is heavy
Yeah, but it don't measure up to English pounds
Or Swiss franks, German marks
Gimme the greenback dollar, oh yeah
Just gimme money, gimme money, gimme money
Love or money, gimme love or money
She says, «Money honey, that's what I want.»
Just a whole lot of money
(Love or money)
That's what I want
(Love or money)
G-G-G-G-Gimme money
(Love or money)
G-G-G-Gimme Money, money, ayh
(Love or money)
(Love or money)