Перевод песни Herbert Grönemeyer – Angst.

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Afraid of the past, afraid you might fall
Retreating inside yourself in cold funk at it all
Afraid of any freedom, of looking a fool
You skate on the surface
Afraid of the depth of the pool
Fear that you'll become nothing
And that time's running out
So afraid of getting used to things
Only fear remains beyond doubt
Fear that you'll become nothing
And the thought makes you numb
Angst makes you tiny
Angst strikes you dumb
Fear needs an armory, afraid of your foes
Oh, but angst won't remind you, most enemies are ghosts
So scared to be beaten, so scared to compete
Scared of stupidity, so smart on the streets
Fear gets employed as a system, intimidation as control
Fear shuts up you, eats the soul
Fear of each other, too scared to connect
We won't meet each other's eyes, all I's we suspect
Afraid of emotion, scared of tenderness
Afraid that experience only leads to distress
Fear that you'll become
Fear of manipulation, of being left in the cold
Scared you don't do right by everyone, fear eats the soul
Scared to defend ourselves, scared and lonely we weep
So scared of being scared, so scared we're asleep
So scared of being scared, we go to sleep