Перевод песни Sass Jordan – Where There's A Will

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You been holding up your banner
Saying who’s the master planner
Who’s the cat that got me in this hole?
Everytime you wish for something
You have set the wheels to running
Hold on tight cause it’s the ride you chose
But if you want her to love you
Your gonna get what you give out in the meantime
Make damn sure that you know what you want
Cause thats what you’ll get
Careful what you wish for baby
It will all come true someday
Listen hard to every word that you wanna say
Where there’s a will there’s a way
Everything is made for changing
We spend lifetimes rearranging
Hopes and dreams that don’t turn out like we planned
Cause what you think it is, is one thing
But how it feels when you get it is another
Make damn sure that you know what you want
Cause that’s what you’ll get
Everything you see
Isn’t what it seems
But you’ll get what you need