Перевод песни Degarmo & Key – Six, Six, Six

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I was feeling kind of restless
So I went out for a walk
And I ran into a stranger
And for hours we just talked
Said I'm waiting for this moment all my life
This is it
And when I asked him to explain it
He just smiled and he told me, six, six, six
He said «Things will get much better
And the night is New Age Eve
I can even change the weather
I can do things you won't believe
I got sings and wonder in my bag of tricks
Hummm tricks !
When I asked him to explain
He just smiled and he told me, six, six, six
Six, six, six
I said, «Jesus won't you save me from this evil man of sin
I have read about his future, I don't want to go with him»
And when I looked he had gone
But he had left a note that said
«My number is, my number is, my number is
Six, six, six»
Remember me, remember me, remember me,
Said my number, my number, my number is six, six, six
When morning came I laughed
At what I tought was just a dream
And I went to call my neighbor
And tell him all I'd seen
But when I reached for my address book
I felt sick
Ooh sick
Cause, written across the page,
Every number there was six, six, six
six, six, six
Flight 666 ... departing — WELCOME
six, six, six