Перевод песни Cirque Du Soleil – Meditation

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Love is beautiful, fierce, and strong
An insatiable, all-consuming fire
A lion pacing on the red hot embers of desire
Love is a thirst that's never quenched
A sacred flame that can't be drenched
By icy showers of sobriety
Or a society
Strangled by notions of propriety
So what kind of love is this
This love that dares not speak its name?
This love that hangs its head in shame?
Is this so-called love even worthy of its name?
True love doesn't lie
It doesn't hide
And it will never be denied
The right to sing its furious song
In the sad, empty streets from dusk 'til dawn
Love laughs at fear
And cries out its name for all to hear
Love is beautiful
Fierce, and loud
But most of all
Love is PROUD!