Перевод песни Heltah Skeltah – Sean Wigginz

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Got all my Magnum niggas in here, word up
Yeah, yeah, yeah, word is bond
Word up, M-F-C
Hah, word up, yeah, yeah
Smack this nigga son, word up, hit him
Yo, niggas is pipsqueaks, thinkin shit’s sweet
I come discrete, turn your ass into mincemeat
Ever since heat, got pulled from the waistline
With the bassline kick and snare, Duke I make your click aware
So please God, never say jack shit to Sean P
Before I launch three shots directly at your army
Word is bond, we be on some shit to the two-thou
Loose mouth niggas catch a hole in they goosedown
Down, down, down-down, down-down-down, down
Down, down, down, down-down, down-down
Down-town, jumped off the train on Ebbets
Walkin down the street, bump into my nigga Kevin
Whattup Ruck? I ain’t seen your ass in the Seven
You still bustin motherfuckin shots at the reverand?
Hell no I replied, elbows was applied
Til his monkey-ass pulled out the heat, step aside
Oh shit yo whassup whassup
Yo son, yo, OH-oahh!
Fuck you shoot him for man? He just asked you a question
Fuck that, don’t ask no questions in my shit
Word is bond, I don’t like that, yo word up
Yo fuck them, yo fuck you
Fuck that cat, word up