Перевод песни Ras Kass – Ice Age

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Today's forecast: It's a cold world;
Niggas better supply they own heat
Ay how come you won't gimme no pussy tonite?
Aight well shake the spot then, you think you special
I hear your car keys jinglin, get the fuck out
El Drex what you wanna do, Shai dog what you wanna do?
Kurupt what the fuck you wanna do?
Nigga is you a rider nigga?
Is life fucked up?
They let the gangstas in this muthafucka
Ice Age
I ride for my homeboys (2X)
Nigga its all about the money
Its all about the chips
Lets get rich, what? what
With my new Tiny Tim, try again
Up against the full wind, I'm an alien beast
Generate, penetrate, bust shots
Then fled, quick sick in the head
Rippin motherfuckers to shreds
Facsimilies, dont know, friends or foes
Elusive nigga this exclusive, conclusive evidence
Your vision is short range
Rearranged, restructured, recomposed and decomposed
Disassembled, dismembered, reconstructed, polished
Perfected, demolished, rejected, ejected, fo sho
Like I'm supposed to know this nigga
I ain't neva seen him before --- my life
Bitch ass nigga, who tha fuck you supposed to be?
Cuz niggas I grew up wit threw up shit
On sum I don't give a fuck shit
Makin enemies duck shit
I'm on some make a million bucks quick
Money gone! Quick get a duck sick trick
Not the one to fuck wit
My dyke bitch pimpin on some Heidi Fleiss shit
Ludicrous iron mic shit. stabbing yo cold heart wit a ice pick
Tha Ice age!.. Ice Age (2X)
Stab yo cold heart wit a ice pick
Now men must be either pampered or crushed
To regulate, relegate and delegate power
Nigga touch sumtin, trust no one and die dumpin
Drained your battery you barely talkin like Teddy Ruxpin
See that's what's up, homie I don't give a fuck
Spit some shit so nasty it will make Lil' Kim blush
As if a 98 Bentley didn't tempt me
To lay bullshit over dis empty
But consequently my conscience didn't permit me
I'm one third black man, one third Jackie Chan and one third sand
Shitftin across the surface of tha land
Golden state warrrrior!
Let my nuts hang like niggas in nooses
Why you givin groupies all your lucci?
I'm known for fuckin hoochies in Suzukis
And slippin bougie bitches roofies
Loved and feared severe yet loved
The full time titan, fightin 3 million over night thugs
So keep your hand out your rectum cause you can't stop shit
Don't rock shit
Studio hustlaz claim they got more keys than a locksmith
What part of the game is this? Overtime!
Gimme the mic, the money, and the pussy, in that order
The more, the overpopulated, get fucked and orally copulated
So all you chumps on some you owe me an apology shit
Suck your apology out my dick!
We all pawns in the game, but every pawn got his personal chess board
How many pieces can you afford?
We got every reason to fuck you a traitor
In 20 words Webster's definition of a playa hater:
«The reason why you hate me so bad is cause you love me too much
But don't like yourself enough»
And homey thats it, your hands probably got calluses
From the way you be swingin on my dick
That's why your main squeeze wanna fuck me for free
Slit the finger in her monkey and she dropped on one knee
If u playin wit your pussy while you suckin my D
U can cum (come) wit me like T-U-P-A-C!
They wanna know where Drex is, he's out fuckin in Texas
I'm iller than AIDS so you don't really wanna catch dis
Drivin in a Lexus wit niggas that drive reckless
I was thinkin murder back when Melle dropped «The Message»
Money bossin', C-me-arson, Stone Cold Steve Austin
John Gotti, drinkin notti, pullin holes thru your body
West coast silly bitch, East coast silly bitch
I ain't Big Willie bitch, Drex gonna kill a bitch!
Is that my cash ya got?
Is that my hash ya got?
I hate to make you take yo shit off my man
But I don't think you know who the fuck I am
Analyze so what's the analysis
You startin bonfires, I'm burnin down palaces
See I know maniacs, arsonists with pyromaniacs
Multi braniacs
Ice Age, Kurupt! Biaaaaatch!