Перевод песни Mack 10 – Mack Manson (Intro)

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Ice Cube: The fuck these niggas at? Hey man open the goddamn door
Other Guy: What’s up?
Ice Cube: Fuck took you so long? Where Mack 10?
Other Guy: That nigga’s in the back, glad to hear that nigga’s tripping
(chainsaw noises)
Ice Cube: Shit! Hey-hey-hey Mack, Mack man Mack 1−0. C’mon nigga, ayy-ayy-ayy,
hey stop that shit man
Mack 10: Well ain’t nobody got no suggestions on how I’m supposed to get my
money? Fuck it, I guess I can do it like this
(gun hammer cocking noise)
Ice Cube: Hey hey wait a minute
Ice Cube: Aww, shit! You digging a fucking hole, you diggin' the hole.
Now how we supposed to get the information?
Mack 10: Shit, I guess we get it out of her