Перевод песни Focused – Empty

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I will accept this,
These different ways,
This change that's taking place,
And the knowledge that I know now,
And I am a part of this,
And I will do all that I can,
The free gift that is given to me,
For I am strong and I will stand,
And I,
I must,
So why am I left here,
When my questions run so deep,
To separate myself.
How can we rest as we watch it fall
Continuing to drown,
The time is less,
Reaching through the darkness and there is nothing left,
It is not to be forgotten,
Or to be left behind,
My soul's driving me to what's found,
And I'm not blind.
The direction coming from within,
No one's to blame,
My soul's not empty,
Ignited with flame.
I just won't take it standing still,
Given a second chance,
It's not empty,
My flesh I kill.