Перевод песни Focused – Falling Down

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Excel where I left off
To go where I gone
Defeated my failure
Yea, but I still stand as one
Why must I contribute to hate?
Tears burning in my eyes
See the confusion all around me
This one’s told me so many lies
Walk is easy, we make it hard
God give me the strength
'Cause I’ve fallen down, down so far
I have fallen down
Why must I contribute to hate?
The tears burning in my eyes
I see so much confusion all around me
Man, 'cause I’ve been told so many lies
So many lies, lies
A new life now I began
Once lost but now I’m found
Familiar in this same song
No more chains that I’ve been bound
Saying the same old thing
Yes, I’ll continue on
Take a look around you
Man, you know the battle has been won
The battle has been won