Перевод песни Wish For Eden – Questions

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Questions more questions
Run round in my head
No answers solutions
Illusions instead
As I walk alone
And I picture the past
The very beginning I ask yes I ask
The face may be gone
But the scent lingers on Don't deny
No place can I go My hopelessness shows in my eyes
Questions more questions
Never ending they seem
My passion my heart
Ripped out at the seams
Like a jigsaw in pieces
I have all the parts
To put them together
More a feat than a task
Where can I go
I remember so well
Like a child sees the past
You rejected my passion
Ripped out my heart
Questions, questions
Tormenting myself
Disillusioned and broken
Like a toy on a shelf
Like a child in the corner
With my head in my hands
Rejected I wonder
Through life's empty lands