Перевод песни Concrete Blonde – I Wanna Be Your Friend Again

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Happy New Year!
(Happy nowhere!)
Where are you going?
(Slow, I don’t care where…)
(Oh, I’ll get there)
I WILL get there
Monday, one step
Tuesday, two
I’d crawl on my hands and knees to you
Wednesday, three
Thursday, four
I’d break in windows
I’d kick in doors
Friday, walk until I fell
By the side of the road
Too tired to tell where I was
(Where were you?)
I don’t know…
(Where was I?)
I wanna be your friend again
One, two, three o’clock
It’s too late to start
Too late to
Five, six, seven, eight
I’m walking steady
I’m walking straight
Nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen
You’re important to me
(You're important to me)
Night and day and day and night
If I can, I will make things right
I wanna be your friend again
I’m sorry
For the things I wish I hadn’t said
I’m sorry
For the things I wish I hadn’t done
I’m sorry
For the way I wish I hadn’t been
I’m sorry
Hi. Oh, it’s only me…
(Oh yeah, be cool. Tell him. It’s the women who loves him more than life
Itself. That’s what you really want to say.)
Well, you know… It just popped into my head… thought I’d give you a
(Oh yeah, you’ve been waiting all day; getting up the nerve all month.)
Oh… I’m fine. Fine
(Oh, fine. You are not fine! You eat, sleep, think him, twenty-four hours
A day.)
Oh you are? Oh good, I’m glad
(You are not glad! You hope he burns in Hell with this woman! You’re not
Happy. Go on, tell him!)
Oh, everything’s going great. Really great
(It is not going great! You are miserable twenty-four hours a day. All you
Can do is think about this man, and you haven’t even got the nerve to tell
Him what you really think.)
Yeah, yeah, I gotta go, too. Yeah, I’ve got a lot… lot of stuff to do
(Don't lie! You haven’t got anything better to do, and you know it, than be
With him!)
Yeah. Take it easy. Bye
(Oh, take it easy. Once again, you didn’t say anything you really think!)
I wanna be your friend again
I wanna be your friend again
I’m sorry
For the things I wish I hadn’t said