Перевод песни Phil Manzanera – Walking Through Heaven's Door

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Along the wing you see the search-light beam
Down below a trace of free-way stream
A field of precious stones
And you'll be next tonight
Heading for touch-down
Looking for a runway light
From in the sky
The citys at its best
Down the hills to reach ocean's rest
And as you watch the lights capes
Relax and dream
This is the future
This is tomorrow's scheme
We're coming in The runway flashes past
This is it Now we're here at last
We've tried to make this crossing
So many times before
See the people walking through heaven's door
We're finally here
It looks just fine
Let's stroll the streets
Side-walk sign
Stand and wait
And watch the cars
As they smoke on Go by so fast
They look just fine
We'll cross at last
The head lights flicker in our faces
Try to eat synthetic meat
Yours tastes just fine
Same as mine
If you complain
It happens here
Do what you say
You'll be tonight's career
I'll guarantee
Hot compeny
The red light flickers in their faces
Roll up your sleeve
Pass it round
It's what you seek
Don't feel down
It's just fine
To be with you
Your place or mine
I'll show you what to do And in the night
You'll come on through
Walking through heaven's door
This is our dream
Fulfilled at iast
Now is the theme
Forget the past
Walking through heaven's door