Перевод песни Scott Miller & The Commonwealth – Freedom's a Stranger

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Back when freedom was a stranger
But it was something we felt
I found myself a girl friend
I couldn't believe it myself
We took a Chevy citation
That a friend would let us use
When we got tired of waiting
For what we wanted to do
I had her crawling up the window
She had me shaking in my seat
I could smell her on my fingers
She said I tasted so sweet
Just some West Virginia back roads
There never was much else
Jam a tape into the player
I couldn't believe it myself
Those drums they shook the speakers
The bass it shook me to the core
If the Boss had been a preacher
He could ‘ve led us to the lord
And they sang so true
Just two rock n' roll spirits
With nothing better to do Now the past it is a stranger
And I found someone else
Got car payments and a mortgage
I can't believe it myself
But I don't mind getting older
If you get smarter when you do And the burdens that you shoulder
Well, that's what defines you
I'm sure they crushed the citation
I know the 8 track broke
We're such a complicated nation
But I still got rock n' roll