Перевод песни Tim O'Brien – Long Distance

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It's the middle of the night and I should be sleepin'
My eyelids are heavy but there's something keepin' them open wide
Since I kissed you at the gate just two days past
I've been flyin' towards the sun on a jet plane fast accross the ocean tide
There's a touch tone phone right beside my bed
There's a ten digit number burnin' in my head
And before I left I heard the words you said, «call me anytime»
Long distance, there's a signal comin' from me to you
So insistent, it's penetratin' goin' straight on through
No resistin', I get struck by love at the funniest times
It's long distance love waitin for me at the end of the line
Now it's cold and lonesome here in this time zone
But I can thank Mister Bell for his telephone and what it buys
It's reassuring just to know you're there
But if I hear your voice, I might smell your hair when I close my eyes
I'm punchin' the keys and my hands are hot
It's not what I want but it's the best I got
And I don't even know if you're home or not, but I can always try
Got your fiber optics, got your savin' plan
In the off peak hours honey I'm your man, I got my callin' card
When I hear you echo off the satellite
I'll be jumpin' up and down, I'll be feelin' right, I'll be fallin' hard
You'll be puttin' out that cat, turnin' out the lights
While the sun's commin' up here bold and bright
We're on opposite ends of a lonely night, but it's not too far