Перевод песни Stephen Kellogg And The Sixers – Lonely In Columbus

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Last night, I got lonely in Columbus
Called you for the third time in a day
You said you were feeling better but I still felt so depressed
Cause it doesn't change the fact that I'm 800 miles away
It doesn't change the fact that I'm away
Parking in a lot outside the city
Cost me 30 bucks just to be there
You'd think, for all that money, there would be another car
But I looked around and there was no one there, no one there
The streetlights and the moon looked so magnificently bare
And I'm glad for a, a friend like you
And if you call me, then you know I'm always gonna pick up It's such a lame excuse to say I'm tired
Everyone is tired, more or less
If you want to see a person come alive, it's not that hard
To ask the secret of their great success
A feeble mind in empty indecision
Keep in mind the thoughtless points of view
Everyone's a loser when you isolate the kill
Til you realize they've isolated you, yeah, you
You realize that they've isolated you
And I'm glad for a, a friend like you
And if you call me up, you know I'm always gonna pick up There's no point in seeking out your pity
Making way for tears is such a joke
Cause everyone has days when they feel sh-tty, oh yeah
Somedays, I wish I never even spoke
Somedays, I wish I didn't have tongue
But I think I'll take some pills to help me sleep here
From what I hear, the crime is out of hand
And I'm not sure I'll be better off in dreams, oh no
A sitting duck just waiting for the bad, bad man
How do they get away with their bad, bad plans?
Why are the cops so focused on the speed
When somewhere, there's a child who is bleeding?
A dog that eats a dog is still a beast
A beast does not deserve a second shot
And if you can't protect your young, you'll end up just like me Lonely in Columbus in a vacant parking lot
So lonely in Columbus, hey