Перевод песни Shawn Mullins – Cabbagetown

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My Granddaddy was raised up in the hills, in '29 he came down
He used to ride to Atlanta, got a job in a Cotton Mill
But everybody called it Cabbagetown
Oh-Oh-Oh, Cabbagetown
The handpainted sign said Cabbagetown
He met my Grandma, when she was just sixteen
They'd spin Old No. 7, on the second floor
They grew a little garden, they started a family
They owed all their pay, to the Ray Jay store
Oh-Oh-Oh, Cabbagetown
Never been out of Cabbagetown
Oh-Oh-Oh, Cabbagetown
What goes up, will come down
When they finally closed, the shadows fell
Covered Cabbagetown, like a dirty vail.
Woke up this morning, my eyes were filled with tears
I was dreaming of Grandpa, in forty some odd years
Now the mountains call to me, a lonely soulful sound
Once I leave here, I ain't coming back to Cabbagetown
Oh-Oh-Oh, Cabbagetown
You better stay away, when the sun goes down
Oh-Oh-Oh, Cabbagetown
I'm never goin' back to Cabbagetown
No, I'm never goin' back to Cabbagetown
Ah, one more time, I'm never goin' back to Cabbagetown...
No, No