Перевод песни Levon Helm – Got Me a Woman

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Oh, I got me a woman, she's a pretty good woman at that
We live with a monkey and a Chinese acrobat
She calls me «Tex,» makes me wear a cowboy hat
But I don't care, she's a pretty good woman at that
(Verse 2)
Nothing in the world make me treat that woman mean
She shaves my beard and keeps my tractor clean
She burns my bread, makes me eat turnip greens
But I don't care, she's the best little woman I've seen
Some folks, they move out to California
And some folks, they stay in Tennessee
And I don't care where I'm heading
Just as long as that woman stands by me Instrumental break
Repeat Chorus
(Verse 3)
Nothing that I'd rather do than spend my nights at home
Talking with my baby and blowing on the slide trombone
She talks in tongues, Ah! She really turns me on!
With a woman like that a man never wants to roam
Repeat last line and fade