Перевод песни Odetta – Special Delivery Blues

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My man packed his trunks, said, «I'm a-goin' away,»
Packed his trunks and said, «I'm goin' away,
And I won't be back until ya change your funny ways.»
And he said, «I'll write you soon's I find the time,
Honey, I'll write you soon's I find the time.»
He's been gone so long, I guess he just couldn't spare the dime.
And he said, «I'm leavin', almost breaks my heart,
Honey, I'm leavin', almost breaks my heart,
But, remember, sometime the best of friends must part.»
And I run, run to my window, train go rollin' by,
Run to window, train go rollin' by.
I got the blues so bad that I could lay me down and die.
Now, hey, hey, mister mailman, did ya bring me any news?
Hey, mister mailman, bring me any news?
Well, if I didn't get a letter, I got the special delivery blues.