Перевод песни Skip James – Little Cow, Little Calf Blues

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Got to lay down and die
If you should see my heifer
Will you please, please, please, please
Drive her home?
If you see my heifer
Will you please, please, please
Drive her home?
'Cause I’ve had no milk an butter
Since my calf been born
Lord, I wring me hand
An I declare, I just wanted to scream
I wring my hand
An I 'clare, I wanted to scream
But when I woke up I was glad
That it was all a dream
I am stealin', I am stealin'
I’m stealin', please don’t you tell on me
I am stealin', I am stealin'
An please don’t you tell on me
I’m stealin' from my reg’lar
Back to my old used to be Lord, I walked the levee
I done walked it from end to end
You all, walked the levee
And I walked it from end to —
An I was just tryin' to find
My little cow, again
Lord, I hollered, 'Ho-ho-hey'
Hollered, hi-hi-hi
Hi-hi-hi, hi-hi
You know ev’ry little cow and calf
They got to lay down an die.
(piano to end)