Перевод песни Country Joe McDonald – Sweet Marie

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Sweet Marie
You know that she's the only one I'll ever love
Sweet Marie
Sweet Marie
You know that she's the only one I'm thinking of Sweet Marie
And at night
When the moon and stars are shinin' bright
I'll see my baby
Don't mean maybe
Talk about my sweet Marie, yeah
Do dee do do da da da D-do do do Yes indeed oh she's my sweetie
Do do do do D-da da da da
D-da da da da da da da
Way down in Nirvana
I met a girl named Sylvana
She used to be the vamp of New Orleans
And when she did the samba
I did think that I had an order
But it's not exactly as it seems
She held me close and told me things
I'd never heard a woman
Say before now
Don't get sober
That was on my mind yeah
Dee dee dee ... do da da
Just ... like in the past six months I've been doing a lot of uh...
stuff for the G.I. movement, you know, performances and things,
and this is a song that I particularly wrote for y'know G.I.'s.
that expresses the sentiments of most G.I.'s I think... it's called «Kiss My Ass»