Перевод песни Atomic Swing – Straight Forever

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I saw you in a mega record storeframed in a convex glass mirror on top of the
wallwhere you checked out the weekly magazineswhile I stood there fighting with
a cracking smile, 'cause I knew who would be Well, I may have been out of
focuse, I may have been caught up in a jam
Yes I may have been out of answers, I may have tried to tell you what I am
Straight forever I know you recall it as a messbut neither were you caring much
for nothing else than kicks and high-lights I guess. No you always thought of
it as a laughwhen time went out to run from dues and mess around,
and to go losing one's head One could find a job in the paper that pays enough
to be around
Maybe cut off the major high-tops and get rid of all the deepest downs
Straight forever Yes one could find a job in the paper, and that ain't all that
I could do
I could clean up the royal messes, and if it wouldn't be enough for you
I'll go straight forever Straight forever with no trouble at all
Straight forever
No trouble at all