Перевод песни Psycore – Smell The Cancer

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Once upon a time, two lovers broke down
Froze stiff in the cold
In the killing breeze of a lie untold
I can smell the cancer
From inside your soul
A moment of betrayal got out of control
Wrapped your lips around the truth
To try to swallow the filth
Stomach was to weak to digest the guilt
What is it you're trying to say to me?
With love torn apart
We slowly explode
Look into my heart
And let the truth be told
Show a sample of your expertise in sin
Let the curtain fall
And the charade begin
Something you've done eclipsed the sun
The odds of a future
Is none to none
Let your demons loose and when that is done
From that moment on
Be gone
Passion has a rotten smell
Tell the truth that hurts like hell
Too late to regret
I need to know to forget