Перевод песни David Dondero – Pornographic Love Song

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Desensitise, the conscience dies
Here’s to your calloused thighs
Here’s to your cold, sore lips
Here’s to your circus ride hips
Here’s to my clammy cold hands
I feel like a no-womans land
You tried to purchase a plot
A quagmire’s what you got
I was in love with defeat
It drives a sporadic heartbeat
Well, you are the addict in purity
You and your stoned insecurity
Using your boyfriends for rent
Or fuckin' them all til they’re spent
Well, I can’t judge you, lover
We are the same undercover
I’ve posted the same dark entries as you
Your desperate puke stained grin
You’re a poster girl for a lifelong sin
Hes a pedophile with a chaplain’s smile
I can’t fix what that sucker defiled
Let’s go make out on a bench
Your heart locket’s got a rusty hinge
Let’s feel false and unreal
Let’s not feel how it doesn’t heal
You were your own lost whore
And I’m always wanting more and more
Your bedroom is a porno booth
I got no money, honey, got no use
Ain’t it all so mechanical?
Our tainted love, it’s habitual
I can’t trust you, lover
You should never trust me either
I’ve posted the same dark entries as you
Let’s not lie any less
Unless you can’t somehow maintain
Here’s your script for when you confess
Learn your lines this time
Now say them again
I’m just a sucker for fun
Chasing your dumb fleeting vanity
Living a life on the run
From a big black cloud of Christianity
Don’t you feel guilty now?
The sex was like milking the cow
I was your boy for the night
Staining your sheets with my blight
Well, you suck the cock of a swine
How tenderly wasting your time
I can’t trust you lover
You should never trust me either
I posted the same dark entries as you