Перевод песни Conducting From The Grave – Hit The Lights [Armageddons Here]

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Speculations mean nothing when it comes down to it
You can assume all you want, but when the sun burns out and the freeze begins,
its going to be that much harder to pull the words from your lips
The food chain collapses
Predator becomes prey
Kicking down each other’s doors
Smashing every dream of your little suburbia
This world is in ruins, and drowning has become our daydream
Scream all you want but no one will listen
Words are sharp when spoken through broken teeth
This land will smother your voice of reason until every thought of freewill is
choked from your mind
Its time to end this white noise and begin with our collapse
Rot is very becoming on you
Each day the sky comes closer to crushing our landscapes
The horizon painted in the glow of sunsets and darkened by the plagues
So lock your windows and doors, hit the lights, Armageddon’s here
We have a front row seat to the end
So lock your doors