Перевод песни Agraceful – A Prophecy: In Reverie

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I haven't seen the world look so lost
Prepare for the worst and let me get away from all of this
But still I know that you're at war
All of this, now I know that you can't let go Is this all a dream or is this really happening?
Trace all the lines that will lead you back to the surface again
My hands are shaking on your chest
But I can't feel you breathing tonight
I know that you're okay and you'll be alive
When this is over, this is over
I know that you're okay and that you'll be fine
I know you'll regret all the things that you left behind
Now you lost the world that you had grown to love
I know You won't let me fall on my own
I know You won't
I know You won't let me be